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MLF CANADA Team Showdown FAQ

Can I fish alone?

Yes, you can. Should the solo angler win, they would then decide if they would like to participate in the MLF Toyota Championship as a Pro or Am, whichever position was still available would then be offered to the captain of the next ranked team, followed by their co-angler and so on until the position is filled

Is it a PRO/AM Format?

No, this is a team event. You are working together to achieve your heaviest weight as a team

Can you provide Co-Anglers?

We will try to assist by reaching out to our Angler Stand-By List however we cannot guarantee a partner will be supplied.

Is there an Angler Stand-By List I can join should a Boater request a Co-Angler?

Yes, please contact the CSFL via phone: 905-640-2277 or email: to add your contact information to our Stand-By List.

Does the Blast Off order reverse for the Second Half of the MLF Team Showdown?

No, the Second Half of the MLF Team Showdown Blast Off will be based on Teams finishing positions after the First Half’s weigh in!

Is there a Payout for the MLF Team Showdown or is this just advancement to the MLF Toyota Series Championship?

There will be a payout for the event in addition to the MLF Toyota Series Championship advancement. The payout will be over 80% with first place set at $10,000 (based on 60 boats) The full payout can be found on

If you have any question or are looking for more information contact us today at 905-640-2277

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